An inexplicable uniqueness bred from an assimilation of new ideas initiated two brother’s desire to forge their legacy in the aftermarket wheel industry; Braelin is steeped in family tradition with a spirited commitment to excellence.

Highly evolved techniques in alloy wheel design and manufacturing ensure Braelin is the true measure of elegance and precision in luxury aftermarket wheels.  Fueled by a deep-seeded automotive passion, compromise is not an option.  Precision through sophistication is a driving force; expression through devotion to detail achieves an unmatched individuality in an industry stifled by imitation.

The result?

Braelin - Perfectly engineered stance and performance. 



Stance is all-powerful. Because Braelin knows it can make or break a vehicle’s curb appeal, our work is precise, exact and driven by a meticulous attention to detail. Individualism comes from a tailored, personalized experience and product. Braelin offers fitment for road and track use for high-end luxury automobiles.

Without exception, every Braelin alloy passes through a complex series of computer algorithms to ensure exact precision is met for hub bore and pitch circle diameters, clearance of brake calipers and suspension components, as well as meeting load rating requirements.

Alloy designs are conceptualized and tested for proper fitment on each vehicle using proprietary wheel fitment software prior to casting.  Alloys are then cast without a specific hub bore or bolt pattern so they may be custom tailored to your vehicle upon special order.

Braelin’s team of highly trained alloy wheel specialists use an advanced 3D-mapping system to extrapolate the most aggressive wheel fitment and stance possible, while maintaining the opulent ride enthusiasts come to expect from a luxury vehicle.

The benefit: guaranteed fitment coupled with precise specifications resulting in a smoother ride, better handling, and zero vibration stemming from Braelin’s unparalleled research on stance and fitment for the luxury vehicle segment. 

Our quick machining turn-around coupled with a purely tailored experience ensure Braelin provides you with the kind of high-quality product you’d expect from a Canadian company of this stature.


The right set of staggered alloys on a RWD changes the balance of the vehicle, allowing more power put to the pavement, equaling maximum performance and styling in one well manufactured product.

Braelin understands the importance of staggered fitments on a deeper level than aesthetics alone. Considering driving style, tire choice, the roads you drive on, the weather you drive in; Braelin runs a fine-tooth comb through every detail to ensure your staggered fitment is the ideal match for your car.

Offered in multiple diameters, widths, and offsets, Braelin alloys guarantee proper wheel fitment on almost every vehicle application, no matter how unique. Braelin alloys redefine the industry’s highest standards for staggered fitment. 


Redefining elegance in wheel design, sophistication in execution, and a tailored experience: this is Braelin, and this is our process. 

Our designers are long-time auto enthusiasts and are as enthusiastic and passionate about your vehicle as you are; we believe the designs speak to that fact.  Each alloy wheel design is Canadian exclusive.

No idea is too grand, no specification too bizarre.  Here at Braelin, we dream big so you can drive larger than life designs engineered to fit your vehicle perfectly. We also know that style is as important as proper fitment, and so Braelin offers a number of timeless designs, sizes and finishes. From concave to mesh and a multitude of finishes including matte, gloss and hyper black, Braelin offers refined styling for the most discerning customers.


Braelin’s unique approach to custom-tailored wheel fitment and stance goes beyond the industry’s standards currently offered.

We start by digitally 3D mapping vehicle suspension, hub and brake components, then we examine body dimensions, load capacity requirements, and tire pressure monitoring systems… in all more than 300 data points are recorded.  This information is then used to determine every fitment and styling possibility as well as ensure that the vehicle’s technical, performance and safety requirements are all exceeded.

Once a design has been selected the machining process begins. Our 3-axis vertical mills, precise to 8 microns and more commonly used in the aerospace industry, ensure that each Braelin alloy is drilled to the most exacting specifications possible.

More than that, Braelin pushes the limits of perfection by custom machining each center bore for a more precise fit on the vehicle’s hub to eliminate the need for centering rings.



Braelin is proudly Canadian. That means we not only take great pride in our product, but also stand behind it 100%.  Braelin uses one of the most rigorous quality control processes in the industry.

Unapologetically authentic, every Braelin alloy undergoes a three-step process that includes an inspection at each stage of the wheel’s production.  Each model manufactured by Braelin is impact tested, CASS tested for corrosion, and TUV, DOT and JWL approved.  Our quality control team inspects at every step including casting, machining, painting, loading, reception and once again after final machining is performed to ensure the highest quality product is received.

Only the utmost quality products are acceptable for Braelin clients, and for us. Driven by meticulous attention to detail, the proof is in the high standard quality of our alloys.